A Must-Have WordPress Plugin for 2024

WP Copy Defender

Protect your content from being copied. Install this plugin for WordPress to prevent unauthorized copying, ensuring your valuable content remains secure and protected.

P.S. Test the plugin now: try to copy some content from this page. 😉

protect content

Protect your content from being copied

1 Click Installation

Set up the plugin with just 1 click.

100% SEO Friendly

Stop content duplication by competitors.

Super Fast

No images, CSS or dependencies to load.

Cross-Browser Support

Protect content on Chrome, Mozilla etc…

Ads Compatible

No impact on your advertising revenue.

Woocommerce and cache

Compatible with 99% of WordPress plugins.

Technical Features

User Level Protection

Select the user level for activating security: administrator, visitors, or logged-in users.

Hotkeys and Click Protection

Safeguard against unauthorized actions, including hotkeys and mouse right clicks.

Site Level Protection

Select where to activate security: posts, pages, categories, and WooCommerce products.

Customize messages

Customize protection messages and append specific messages to copied text.

100% SEO-Friendly

Maintain SEO-friendliness with no impact on Google rankings and indexing.

Lightweight JavaScript

Utilize native JavaScript, providing efficiency without the need for JQuery.

Plugin Screenshots

P.S. Test the plugin now: try to copy some content from this page. 😉

Plans (one time payment)

1 Site

Install on 1 website
$ 27
  • All 14 premium features
  • Free updates
  • 1 website

10 Sites

Install on up to 10 websites
$ 47
  • All 14 premium features
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Up to 10 websites


Install on all websites
$ 67
  • All 14 premium features
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Unlimited websites


All you need is PHP 5.6+, WordPress 3.1+, and nothing else. Test our demo plugin to ensure it works on your website for free!

In the settings, you have two options to handle users with disabled Javascript.

Absolutely, you just need to activate it with a click of your mouse. No coding knowledge is needed!

  1. Select content locations to limit
  2. Select user roles to limit
  3. Customize protection message
  4. Append message to copied text
  5. Disable right-click
  6. Disable copy
  7. Disable image drag
  8. Disable paste
  9. Disable save
  10. Disable print page
  11. Protect content from text selection
  12. Disable developer tools (F12, CTRL Shift I, Ctrl U)
  13. Hide content if Javascript is disabled
  14. Redirect when Javascript is disabled

No, you can purchase the Unlimited Website license. You can install it on your own websites or your customers’ websites as well.

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